Founded in 2008, the Middle East Design Educators Association serves as an inspirational and informational platform for design educators in the Middle East. MEDEA provides an opportunity to share ideas, methods, challenges and opportunities, and to foster dialogue between the design industry and those who educate the next generation of designers.

MEDEA Announcing Its New President and Executive Committee!


On November 27, 2015 in Jordan, MEDEA general assembly elected Dr. Essam Abu Awad as MEDEA President. Congratulations to Dr. Abu Awad who enthusiastically assured a promising fruitful two-year plan of work. Following the presidential election, the board of directors nominated and supported the new executive committee members: Dina Faour as Vice-President, Dina Kattan […]

American University of Kuwait Faculty Openings AY2016-2017

The American University of Kuwait (AUK) is a private university in Kuwait organized on the U.S. model of undergraduate liberal arts education. The medium of instruction is English. The University is accredited by the Council for Private Universities of the Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education. AUK also has a Memorandum of Understanding with Dartmouth […]

Reinventing the Vernacular: Asir

Reinventing the Vernacular was founded by Dar Al-Hekma University’s Department Chair for Architecture Dr. Anna Klingmann, and faculty members Lubna Yasin and Sima Refae with the mission of weaving local tradition and history into the global context of new media, art, and technology. What began with a passionate interest in the unique cultural landscape […]

Contemporary Portfolio Preparation at Tasmeem Doha 2015 3ajeeb!

As part of the MEDEA initiatives, board members are hosting a seminar on Contemporary Portfolio Preparation during the conference. This will include MEDEA board members, invited professionals, alumnae, educators, students and others. It is an open invitation to all designers and artists who are interested in developing, or revisiting on how to prepare a […]

Register for Doha 2015 3ajeeb!

You are invited to register for Tasmeem Doha 2015 3ajeeb!

Registration will include access to all presentations and events, and you have an option to register for ONE ‘3ajeeb studio’. The 3ajeeb studios will take place on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and will be approximately 4 hours per day. If you sign up for a […]

It’s ON! Film Festival Submission

From the heart of the Arab media hub, Dubai Media City, the American University in Dubai presents, for its second edition; ON: Original Narrative – a student short film festival organized by the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication.

Original Narrative aims to give the new generation of aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to share their […]

1st Annual Jordanian Design Educators Conference this December

The Faculty of Art and Design at the Applied Science Private University and MEDEA will welcome design educators from across JORDAN to the “The State of Design Education and the Future” conference on December 24, 2014.

During the first annual Jordanian Design Educators Conference, Jordanian Educators will come together to re-shape the future of design education in […]

MEDEA at AUK Kuwait this December

Will you be in Kuwait this December? Want to get involved in MEDEA student events and workshops? You’re in luck! MEDEA will have workshops for students and a meeting with Faculty in Art and Design from various Universities throughout Kuwait this December 5th-7th. Join us! 

Stay tuned for more details!



ISEA2014 Education Forum

Educators! Are you planning on being part of ISEA2014 in Dubai this week? If so, take part in the Education Forum on November 6th from 9:30am-11:30am at the American University of Dubai (Room C-227)! The forum brings together academics, researchers, students and conference participants to discuss the conference theme of “Location.”

Graphic Design Teaching Position at VCUQatar

An interesting Graphic Design position at VCUQatar for next academic year is now open. The department is looking for a candidate with knowledge mainly on Arabic typography (check the job description) . This is a great opportunity to join a fantastic and dynamic department!