On November 27, 2015 in Jordan, MEDEA general assembly elected Dr. Essam Abu Awad as MEDEA President. Congratulations to Dr. Abu Awad who enthusiastically assured a promising fruitful two-year plan of work. Following the presidential election, the board of directors nominated and supported the new executive committee members: Dina Faour as Vice-President, Dina Kattan as Secretary, and Cordula Peters as Treasurer.

Passing On The Baton

MEDEA would like to thank the previous executive committee for the tremendous
work accomplished and is looking forward to working hand in hand with the new committee for further and innovative projects that tie, support and sustain design educations in the MENA region. ‘Successful innovations happen when organizations combine just the right ideas in just the right structure.’ (Sawyer, Keith. Group Genius, 2007). MEDEA is present and ready to build this structure among design institutions in the region!

MEDEA in Actions
Workshops for Education Community

In alignment with the association interests in fostering design culture that incubates knowledge, innovation, sustainability, empathy, interventions, collaboration, and diversity across cultures and disciplines, MEDEA, the Middle East Design Educators Association in collaboration with Applied Science Private University, Jordan

(AUS) had the pleasure to invite students, faculty and professionals to participate in the series of workshops curated and presented by leading educators in the field of Design.


Workshops were held on Saturday, November 28, 2015 at Applied Science Private University Jordan. The morning and afternoon parallel sessions included:

Symbiosis of Arabic and Latin Typography by Diane Mikhael

Calibration for Collaboration: Understanding yourself and others
by Muneera Spence

 Visual Merchandising and Windows Display by Dina Kattan

 Rough and Quick: Sketching ideas by Marcella Kulchitsky / Denielle Emans

 The logic of Zincir: The traditional border chain design of Islamic illumination

by Julia Townsend

Ethics in Design by Cordula Peters

 Making Ads That Work by Dina Faour

Forum with Design Educators in Jordan

‘The engine that drives collaboration is conversation.’ Based on this premise, the association organized a Forum with faculty representing various design schools and universities in Jordan. The meeting – held on November 28 and facilitated by Muneera Spence – projected the formulation of the basic concerns:

1.   Focus on FACULTY (currency/retention/research)

2.   Focus on STUDENTS (quality/skill/employability/interests)

3.   Current state of DESIGN (Curricular issues: where is it going/can go/what to sustain/ change/contextual issues)
Round table discussions around the mentioned themes led to a list of work plan that MEDEA and education body in Jordan will ponder, strategically approach and embed in future prospects and research activities.