MEADE was part of the historic gathering of 50 international organizations, all with a common objective: developing an international action plan for harnessing the power of design to address pressing global challenges. International organizations representing design, graphic design, architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture, came together for the first time with representatives of intergovernmental and supranational organizations and specialized agencies, such as UNESCO, OECD, UNEP and ICLEI. The first World Design Summit Meeting, which took place in Montréal on October 23-25 2017, granted MEDEA the opportunity to be ACCREDITED OBSERVER in the summit. This was an unprecedented moment of global unity in seeking design-driven solutions. Together, the participants developed and put forth a declaration and 10-year implementation framework for continued international collaboration towards the shared objective: designing a better world for all.

The Summit was an occasion for MEDEA to create bridges across disciplines, to promote design education and research as a key social and economic driver and to engage with decision makers, industry representatives, the media and the general public. 108 groundbreaking topics have been defined to help frame discussions and generate concrete proposals and solutions to global challenges. All congress delegates were invited to take part in as many working groups as they wish, and to define proposals and submited them to the Summit of International Organizations, to help strengthen and define the international declaration and action plan.