Within the strategy of the Middle East Design Educators Association for opening up and collaborate with educational institutions for building bridges of cooperation for design service, education, professors, and students.
MEDEA president, Dr. Essam Abu Awad, visited medea, where he met the faculty dean, prof. Nadia Al Hasani.
Dr. Abu Awad presented the association history, objectives, goals, and future vision, and the will to make the University of Sharjah a partner in the region through the Faculty of Art and Design to cooperate in the fields of scientific research, workshops, talks, seminars and lectures that support art and design. The role played by the University of Sharjah and Faculty of Art and Design empower this cultural educational role.
By the presence of the faculty, represented by its members and its university, it will be a strengthening feed for the role and objectives of the association to become the supporting platform for design, both practically and educationally, to create a generation of design leaders in the Arab World with the ability to formulate the future education.
The meeting was over upon the hope of starting activating the tools in activities in the Arab region and the activate participation.