On Monday 12 March, Prof. Rayan Abdullah gave a Wayfinding and Orientation Lecture, entitled ‘The Shift’: A Quick and Quirky Guide to Wayfinding and Orientation System’. This lecture was part of the Discovery Lectures, organised by MEDEA in cooperation with the Faculty of Art and Design, Applied Science Private University, Amman , Jordan.
This lecture brought together academics, students, professionals and key influencers to meet and discuss issues related to wayfinding & orientation as well as the role of design in serving humanity.
Since 2012, MEDEA has run an annual series of public lectures, exploring key global challenges and demonstrating its world-leading, interdisciplinary expertise on a range of topics.

Rayan Abdullah is Professor of Design and Typography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. Between 1993 and 2000 he was Senior Designer at MetaDesign, Germany’s largest design and branding company, where he was responsible for major projects for the Berlin Transport Authority,Volkswagen, Bugatti and the German Government (for whom he re-vamped the German Eagle, symbol of the Federal Government).